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The Story

Uniting their expertise, creativity & passion, John Jacobsen and Alexander Ruwe founded a professional entertainment and production company.

What started as weekend shoots in the backyard, quickly developed into full scale, full team, on set shoots across Missouri and Illinois. 

From music videos to documentaries and from concerts to special events, the two continue to deliver high quality content to fans and clients. 

Their work is celebrated for its style, beauty and charm, and in business they are recognized for professionalism and class. 


Alexander Ruwe

Just like on stage, Alex is the frontman for the organization.

A piano player since the age of 7, Alex has grown from a collegiate jazz pianist to a singer and songwriter guitarist that has amassed an illustrious 15 year career in the music and entertainment industry. His work as an entertainer at weddings began in 2011, and ranges from solo to full scale combos.

His creative brain developed through years of experience in the music and entertainment industry, paired with his professional development in the healthcare industry, provide the perfect balance for him to develop creative concepts and then organize the work and resources necessary to bring them to fruition.


John Jacobsen

John is the quiet, artistic genius on the team.

He picked up a camera for the first time at the age of 13, and has been producing ever since.  His professional work has earned him extensive opportunities across the US from LA to NYC, and even some international opportunities, reaching Haiti, Dubai and, most recently, Curacao.

John has vast experience in the industry, leading small and large teams through all stages of the production process.  His commitment to creating something original, beautiful and impactful for all of his clients is second to none. 


They attribute the success of their partnership to shared values.

 for questions and bookings, contact Alex below or by phone (618-204-0137)